Thursday, May 20

Supper Club: Forking Tasty

Forking Tasty does it again-- on the most GINORMOUS roof deck in Brooklyn!!
Last Saturday was Jason and Aimee's season opener for their multi-course gourmet dinner, unlimited wine and beer, plus a movie for 16 guests. This month's movie and theme fall under: Ghostbusters.
jello shots
Starting the night off with vodka ghost jello shots! (Brilliant!)
Appetizers included: mini pretzel hot dogs with spicy mustard. Ooo fancy pigs in a blanket hot out the oven.
Grilled hanger steak bruschetta with ramp butter, pickled shallots and pea shoots. I think I had 3 of them. Couldnt help myself...
Pretzel bites! Pretzel bites!
Mango and crab salad with avocado puree in crispy corn cups...loved the festive combo
The 16 of us seated and awaiting the entrees to come...
Jason and Aimee in the kitchen prepping the be served with roasted brocolli and caramelized red onions...(photo courtesy of Kun).
And ta-da! Roasted cornish hens with mom's Italian sausage stuffing and a serrano ham blanket....(photo courtesy of Kun)
Ricotta and basil pizza. For home baked pizza, it was fairly awesome. Totally impressed.
Soppressata and fresh mozzarella pizza...its hard to decide which one I liked better...
And no Forking Tasty movie can begin without some movie trivia! Answer is.....(C) Marshmallows!
Weather got slightly chilly and as perfect hosts, they provided blankets and.... a fire pit.
And finally for dessert we had: chocolate bottom cheesecakes with mocha-ed nuts and hot fudge!!!!
But my favorite of the night? Homemade pistachio-marshmallow ice cream. Sigh. Heaven.
(Photo courtesy of Kun)

Out of the many supper clubs Ive attended so far, Forking Tasty is still consistently one of the bests.
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