Sunday, March 20

Supper Clubs: Brooklyn Fork and Spoon

After missing out on ABCD's Supper Club (sigh, 4th in a row!) and a cool Brooklyn Brainery class due to side projects, I booked a last minute ticket to Brooklyn Fork and Spoon because I really needed a "home cooked" meal rather than take-out and cereal.  I know, my last posting in February was of BF&S-- I'm not playing favoritism-- it just worked out that way. 

Anyways, sometimes dinner parties are a hit or miss. Oh god, can they be a miss. There are no guarantees. But if fate brings you together with good food and good people--you have, as pictured below, a wonderful time! Eatizens and Naama (Israeli culinary writer) were also guests that night!

Photos taken by Richie, who sneakily borrowed my camera throughout the evening while we played musical chairs (switching seats, chatting with someone new each course!)
Pictures of actual food can be found here