Wednesday, January 13

Flushing, Queens: Golden Mall

flushing chinatown
Score! So after the interesting experience at GuangZhou Restaurant, Don showed us (music please) the Golden Mall. Yes, redemption.

Through these sketchy doors you go down a flight of steps and enter into a basement of food stalls ranging from lamb burgers, dan dan noodles, dumplings, lan zhou noodles, and my pride and joy-- Taiwanese food.
Be warned, there are no English menus. Seating is sparse and crowded. But you gotta love eating next to a table of old men and huge 40's of Budweiser.

Stall #29 holds my 2 favorite foods if all time--
1. Oyster Pancakes 2. Stinky Tofu

(I know, here I am complaining about GuangZhou Restaurant-- all the while eating other crazy shit that people wouldnt even touch with a stick).
oyster pancake!
Oyster Pancake-- made from flour, egg and oyster to this sticky, gooey consistency-- nothing like a green onion pancake or American pancake. Topped with some green veggies and a sweet sauce. Yes it is slimey, but I love it.
stinky tofu!
Stinky tofu. Obviously fermented with a deadly odor. But I dont care. Deep fried and pungent is how I like it. The stink stays in your mouth despite gum or brushing your teeth. It is heaven on earth. Topped with pickled cabbage and hot sauce. No other way to eat it.

Very acquired taste, I know. But if you can stand it, you will be very happy like me!

Golden Mall
41-28 Main St, Flushing
7 Train to Main St