Monday, January 18

Supper Club: Underground Food Collective

The first supper club I ever attended was Underground Food Collective's back in May. It was held in beautiful Red Hook-- outside and on an unexpectedly cold day. Tam Ngo details out the experience in Serious Eats.

For my second go around with Underground Food Collective last Thursday, it was luckily indoors-- but where?
underground dining
The address 1287 Atlantic Avenue, kitchen of Sweet Deliverance sounded friendly-- but didnt look it.
A torn sign that read "Welcome to Dinner. Fourth Floor" greeted me as I hesistantly climbed up the stairs. God, I should get our of Carroll Gardens more often.
As usual, you should never judge a book by its cover.
Picture 048
We were instantly greeted with Concord grape liquor and cured pork liver with kumquat preserve on toast. My stomache grumbled with hunger as the pork liver touched my tongue-- and I greedily grabbed 1 more.

Should I have? Of course, it was melt in your mouth good! But little did I know that the night would entail an 8 course winter bounty from New York State and Wisconsin. I mean normally supper clubs only serve 4 courses!
Picture 056
Spicy Braun salad w/ sweet potatoe chips. Those pork jellies were yum!
Picture 057
Duck Tartare w/ pickled ramps. First time ever having duck raw. Just as good as beef tartare!
Picture 059
Pork Rielletes w/ mushroom and black radish.
Picture 060
Roasted beet salad with citrus. Just as beautiful as it tasted! Beets + grapefruit make a sweet tart combination!
Picture 062
Sunchoke, Carrot and Salsify Salad w/ lemon and sunflower oil vinaigrette.
Picture 063
Salad of endive w/ pears, pecans and ricotta.
pork pot pie
Hello! Pork Pot Pie. Hands down favorite.
Picture 071
UFC 2 Year Ham w/ smoked mushrooms & 18 month Pleasant Ridge Reserve Cheese.
Picture 073
Untouched Smughaven Spinach-- naturally very sweet!
Picture 080
Fermented Citrus Cake.
underground food collective
Many thanks to the chefs of Underground Food Collective--
and of course, Cecily. A portion of that nights dinner was donated to East New York Farms.